Commercial Uses & Applications
Perfect and reliable solutions for kitchens and bathrooms

Corian® Solid Surface is suitable for a range of commercial applications – retail, healthcare, offices, education, hospitality – and can deliver a range of style aesthetics – contemporary, classic, modernist, industrial and vintage.

Specify, fabricate & use Corian® Solid Surface with confidence.

Corian® Design Through Collaboration
Corian® for Art Objects and Home Objects
Corian® for Bathroom Basins
Corian® for Bathroom Countertops
Corian® for Educational Environments
Corian® Technique – Using Light
Corian® Technique – Sensorial Design
Corian® Technique – Outdoor Spaces
Corian® Technique – Monolithic Look
Corian® Technique – Thermoforming
Corian® Technique – Engraving or Routing
Corian® Technique – Dye Sublimation
Corian® Technique – Corian® and Technology
Corian® Technique – Combining with Materials
Corian® for Transportation
Corian® for Retail Design
Corian® for Reception Counters
Corian® for Public Spaces
Corian® for Lighting
Corian® for Laboratory Countertops
Corian® for Hospitality
Corian® for Healthcare
Corian® for Food Service Design
Corian® for Exterior Cladding
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